Glen Watts Posted on 1:46 am

NBIA Tour Feedback

Last week’s National Business Incubation Association conference tour was a huge success! We had 400 guests– from over 40 nations– come through the Arts Incubator.

Read on for some feedback from the tour…

“Hi Jeff,

I must tell you that your KC Arts Incubator party and tour were likely the best ever! While there were too many people stopping me for me to get to every artist’s studio space, I know others who scoured your incubator and some who afterwards reported purchasing art. You just went all out – with roast animals and the rest of the food. That was the best spread I ever remember, and everything was so delicious! And the sheet cake certainly got my attention! But Jeff, it was everything. I think it would be hard for any incubation program to top what you did. In fact, we’ve all seen a lot of technology incubators, so it was SOOOO much fun to see your program/building/clients. I believe it was the highlight
of the conference.

I’m very impressed by the feeling you have for the incubator client artists and the program. The presentation at conference was great too, though I missed your remarks because I got nailed in the hall for an interview with a Shanghai television crew! But people commented to me that your presentation was awesome, and I saw the others and they were great. Jeff, thank you so much for participating this year. I hope you can do so again next year when we’re in Orlando. There is a great deal of interest in arts incubators, and I do believe that yours is now the premier program in North America.

I look forward to pictures when you have them available. It was a terrific time, and we were grateful so many of our members and attendees could attend and see the great work you’ve done!
Best wishes, and do not hesitate to ask me whenever I can be of assistance to you.



Dinah Adkins
NBIA President & CEO”


“Dear Jeff,

Just wanted to thank you, your colleagues and incubatees, for the great reception yesterday. Joel Wiggins is a brave man to allow us to tour his incubator after yours!

Seriously, it was a great evening, well planned and executed and whoever got a Tax Accountant to act as a bartender has weapons-grade powers of persuasion. Everyone was impressed by the facilities, the focus of the clients, and particularly by the welcome.

Hope I get the chance to buy you back a couple of beers in Phoenix or Orlando.

Best regards,


Head of Digital & Incubation
Welsh Assembly Government
Saint Line House
Mount Stuart Square
Cardiff CF10 5LR
Skype WAG.Evan.Jones”



Thanks for your help getting me that commissioned work last night! I am thrilled. I am also wondering if there were any leftover panels from the gallery show that I could buy to work on, and if not, if someone would help me make another one. I can’t be trusted on a crack in the sidewalk, much less power tools. One another note, I think last night went great! It was so neat meeting and talking to people from all over the world! Great job!


Mindy Sosland
Incubator Member”



I volunteered at Tuesday’s NBIA gathering with Crossroads Church, and I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the opportunity. The Incubator is such a great showcase for this city, and it was a pleasure to see the guests so interested and impressed. I heard a lot of great feed back, and I got the impression that other incubators wanted to begin offering similar services. I am proud that we have such a forward-thinking, world-class organization in our city. I would like to remain involved in any capacity.



Scott Ramon
Software Architect
Perceptive Software, Inc.”